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Documenting the Stories of British South Asians - Chai Podcast

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

Written By Nael Ameen

Growing up I heard snippets of stories from my parents childhood, and felt so intrigued. In terms of identity and belonging, they often went through the same experiences I had being a person of colour in Britain, but were not given the luxury of space to process their experience.

Since I can remember, I have always felt a pull towards learning the depth of my

heritage. Intergenerational relationships are of great importance to me, so naturally I turned to the stories of my parents and British South Asians before me. In doing so, I was gifted with wisdom filled anecdotes surrounding hardships, culture and belonging, which launched a better understanding of my own identity.

Knowing how valuable the stories of my elders are, I felt it necessary to document the often neglected stories of first and second generation British South Asians. This history is rarely acknowledged in British schools, yet has such and impact on the way Britain is shaped today, so hopefully with this podcast, younger south Asians can see themselves reflected in those who came before them, to better understand our footing in British society.

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