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There is a huge gap in the fashion world for a publication which creates a safe space for marginalized creatives. The Industry is stacked against us: Fashion institutions, publications, and workplaces constantly exclude BIPOC and LGBTQ+ creatives while using performative facades to consistently use our cultures and influences to make themselves more successful.


The exploitation, creative theft, exclusion and cultural appropriation seen from other fashion publications can be prevented by one thing only: A 100% BIPOC and LGBTQ+ run publication, created with the purpose of celebrating fashion and beauty and elevating marginalized creatives by giving them a platform that wont steal from them. 


Fashion & Beauty lovers: If you would love to be part of a community that delivers unfiltered, unapologetic, and original fashion and beauty content, straight from the source of new generations and diverse perspectives- then Welcome to The Sanxtuary!

Issue One, New Beginnings is finally here!  Shop our first print issue here on our site; or

join our community on Instagram and TikTok @The_Sanxtuary.

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